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About Us

Phonicsworld.com provides a wide range of educational resources for students, parents, teachers and other child-care providers.

Our primary goal is to provide quality, exciting, educational materials that will stimulate learning and reinforce the literacy skills of children.

Our materials are designed to develop specific areas such as phonics, phonemic awareness, comprehension, spelling, and writing skills. We hope you find the resources provided here satisfying!

The website Phonicsworld.com is owned and operated by Little Stars Educational Services, a registered company. The company is the brainchild of Barbara L Fearon - a Special Educator/Literacy Specialist with over ten years experience working with students with learning disabilities.

Phonicsworld.com is committed to providing quality educational resources for students – especially those who are experiencing difficulty developing their language and literacy skills. Our resources will engage children in meaningful practice and mastery of the literacy skills learned in their classrooms. Our website encourages parental involvement. All activities are designed so parents can easily understand the directions and follow the progression of their children’s learning. Teachers can use our materials to support their classroom activities.