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Full refunds are available to customers who feel dissatisfied with our materials. Refunds must be requested within seven days from purchase.

Restrictions Pertaining to the Use of FREE Materials

You may print free materials provided on phonicsworld.com for your own personal, non-commercial use only, provided that you retain all copyright information or other required notices on the materials. You may not reprint, distribute, save electronically, modify, transmit, post to a website, forum, blog etc. any materials from this website without express written permission from phonicsworld.com. Teachers employed by a recognized public or private school may distribute materials (with copyright information intact) in printed format to their students for use in the classroom or at home. If you wish to use our materials in a manner other than what is expressly allowed here, please contact us for permission.

Any materials that you view or print on our website are provided "as is" and phonicsworld.com makes no representations or warranties of any kind, either express or implied, as to the accuracy of information included in said materials or the suitability of any products or content for a particular purpose. You do not have permission to link to ALL of our individual worksheets in order to build your own website. Feel free to link to our grade level pages or an individual worksheet page. We reserve the right to redirect links to our worksheets if we feel they are being misused or a domain is linking to an unusually high number of .pdf files or html pages.

Summary of Terms

 •  You may distribute printed copies of worksheets from this site to your child or the students in your classroom while keeping all copyright information intact.

 •  You may not post or show our worksheets or copies of our worksheets on any school web site, intranet, blog, etc.

 •  You may place a link to a worksheet on your website or blog. (When doing so, please ensure you use the correct file extension such as .htm, .html, .pdf, etc.). This will enable your students to view and print any materials you may require.

 •  You may contact us with comments, questions, or suggestions.

 •  You may not save our worksheets (or images of worksheets) electronically. Please visit us again should you need to print another copy of a worksheet.

 •  You may not submit, upload or display our worksheets or any portion of them to any public or private website, forum, blog, bulletin board etc.

 •  You may not sell, redistribute, or share our worksheets in digital or print format (except as stated above).

 •  You may not frame or embed our worksheets in any type of viewer or document display mechanism.